GlobalBet Steals the Show at 2023 ICE Gaming

Media Stream AG's Subsidiary Takes the Stage
GlobalBet at ICE London 2023

GlobalBet Takes the Lead in Virtual Sports at 2023 ICE Gaming Event

GlobalBet, one of Media Stream AG's subsidiaries, made a significant impact at the 2023 ICE Gaming event held in London this year. With over 20 years of experience in the virtual sports sector, GlobalBet showcased its latest gaming technology and solutions, including a new sportsbook and full platform solution, as well as its latest motion capture technology.

Daniel Grabher, the CEO of Media Stream AG, expressed his pride in GlobalBet's market-leading position. "It's great to see the success of GlobalBet after 20 years in the market. We're proud to be a market leader and show the others where the industry is heading," he said.

The event was an opportunity for GlobalBet to showcase its collective expertise and experience in the virtual sports sector. The company's commitment to developing innovative and compliant solutions tailored to its clients' needs is what sets it apart from the competition.

The entire GlobalBet team attended the event, providing an opportunity for potential clients to meet with the experts and learn more about the latest gaming solutions.

GlobalBet's latest motion capture technology was a highlight of the event, demonstrating how virtual games are produced in their studios to deliver an immersive gaming experience to players. It was a fascinating display of technology that showcased the company's focus on producing high-quality virtual games.

In conclusion, GlobalBet's attendance at the 2023 ICE Gaming event was a testament to its market-leading position in the virtual sports sector. With its latest gaming technology and solutions, the company showcased its commitment to delivering innovative and compliant solutions to its clients. As a subsidiary of Media Stream AG, GlobalBet continues to lead the way in the virtual sports sector and show the industry where it's heading.

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